Help with pattern please


I am knitting this pattern for mittens. I am confused (nothing new). I got to the part about slipping the stitches. This is probably easy on DPNs but I am using magic loop. Once I slip the 4 stst c to the safety pin. Which circ do I cast on to? The one where the 4 stitches just came from or the other needle. (I knit continental) so the one I took the 4 sts from is my left needle.

Then it says join which I may understand once I know where to slip it from :mrgreen:

Here are the 2 instructions and the link. Thanks much.

Slip next 4 (5-6) sts. to a safety pin and cast on 4 (5-6) sts.
Join and work even for 2 (2 ¼ - 2 ½) inch.

You need to cast on to the same needle where the working yarn is, usually that’s the right needle. You can use backward loop or move the needle to the other hand and use the knit or cable cast on then put it back in the first hand to continue the round.