Help with pattern please

I’m making a rabbit’s legs with stripy stockings

[B]co 24 in white
Next row K1, increase in next 22 sts, K1, 46sts
Next: st-st 4 rows beg with P row[/B]

I’ve done all of the above. Now it says:

[B]Next: st-st 11 rows beg with a P row alternating yarn as follows:
2 rows in blue
2 rows in white [/B]

I seem to remember that you don’t change colour on the WS. As I’ve got to start this section with a P row on the WS, should I continue to knit in white for this row and then change the colour to blue on the second row in this section?

Thanks. I only started knitting in July and I’m not very confident yet. Finally finished my doll! So chuffed to have actually made something : )

Yes, just knit another row with the same color, then start the stripes.

If you are doing st.stitch, it doesn’t matter if you change color on the right side or the wrong side. That rule is just for garter st.