Help with Pattern please

I have just knitted my grandaughter a Maxi Top/Dress pattern by Elena Nodel. It is a top down, worked in one piece on circular needles. It has turned out a little smaller around the chest than I thought and is a bit snug on her. My question is can I unpick this from the top down to an appropriate point in the pattern then reknit up upwards in the next size?

Hope this makes sense, I know what I mean so hope your lovely people do too.
Judy :knitting:

You can’t “frog it,” but you can undo it. Watch here.

See if these directions or this video help. This is do-able. (video and directions are reversed but ok)

Thanks formthenlink, I am minding four young grandchildren at the moment and will watch the video when they have gone home. But, can you tell me what ‘frogging’ is ?. I assume it is what we Aussies call unpicking or undoing, am I on the right track?

Frogging is ripping back. A frog says “ribbit” which sounds like “rip it”… :lol: