Help with pattern please

i am knitting a wrap top for a doll and am stuck on part of the pattern

CO 28 sts - SS 28 rows
K9, cast off centre 10 sts and k to end
working on these 9 sts only, work 2 rows in ss
k1, p to last 1 st, k1
k1, pick up loop before next st and knit into back of it, knit to end
continue increasing in this manner on the front edge until there are 28 sts
work 1 row
rs facing: cast on 31 sts and k to the end
cast off

i don’t understand the pick up loop bit, i don’t seem to have a loop?
also what do i do on the next row which is a purl row?
and how do i cast on the 31 sts when i already have knitting on my needle?


Hi Claire!

When you look at your knitting and pull it appart just slightly, you see the yarn between the next stitch you are about to (usually) knit and the one you just did knit.
lift this string onto your left needle.
then knit it off by going into the back loop of it (coming from behind).

This forms an increase of one stitch and it turns almost invisble in the texture.

You can also do this in purl stitches if that would once be what you need. It is pretty much one of the easiest increases I know.

When you have increased this way in a knit row, you just purl that extra knit stitch just like you do with your others. Don’t treat it special. It is just an ordinary stitch then.

To cast on while you have knitting on your needle there are several ways (you just want to add on).

You can crochet on. There are videos out there I am sure.
And you can use the chain cast on.

I prefer lately to do it like this:

you are at the end of a row. now you have to add on to that side… so you turn your work as if to knit/purl the next row.
But instead you enter your right needle into the first stitch knitwise, pull the yarn through, but then you don’t slip that stitch but just pull that loop out, twist it 180 degrees and slip it onto the tip of your left needle.
Repeat this for all 31 stitches you need to add.

It is easy, it is quick, it makes a pretty edge.

When you are done casting on your extra stitches, knit or purl them to your heart’s desire.