Help with pattern please!

I’m currently working on the sleeves for the sweater I’m knitting. The pattern says to increase every 3rd row, and foll 4th row. So do I increase every 3rd and 4th row, or every 3rd row then 4th row then 3rd row then 4th row etc.? I’m just a wee bit confused!! :think:

I believe they mean increase every 3rd and 4th row. Do they give you the number of stitches that should be on the needles when you are done with the sleeve?

It could be either way, or you might inc every 3rd row a couple times, then switch to every 4th row. Could you type in exactly what it say for those instructions?

I’ve cast on 34 stitches. Ribbed for 6 rows. Now it says:

Work in st st, inc one st at each end of the 3rd and every foll 4th rown until there are 58 sts.

Perhaps I’m supposed to increase at the end of every 3rd row, and beginning of every 4th row??

It says [B]the[/B] 3rd row, not every 3rd row. So inc on the 3rd, then every 4th row after that. They want the incs every 4th row, but also on the RS, so the first row is an odd one. And it’s ‘each’ end on all rows you inc on.

According to the instructions, you would increase at the beginning and the end of Row 3, and then increase at the beginning and the end of every 4th row after that, so rows 7, 11, 15 and so on until you have 58 stitches.

When following a pattern like this, I like to use a yellow sticky paper and write something like this:

1 12 23 inc 34 45
2 13 24 35 inc 46
3 inc 14 25 36 47 inc
4 15 inc 26 37
5 16 27 inc 38
6 17 28 39 inc
7 inc 18 29 40
8 19 inc 30 41
9 20 31 inc 42
10 21 32 43 inc
11 inc 22 33 44

Then after I work each row, I cross it off. If it helps, you could also add what the stitch count should be after each increase row to make it easy for you to double check your work as you go along.

Hope this helps,

PS…the spacing didn’t turn out right on those numbers, but hopefully you get the idea…write the row number and ‘inc’ next to each increase row. Then cross them off as you finish them. MGM

Ahhhh, yes, I see now. Thanks so much!! :hug:

If you click HERE, you will find a better explanation of what I was trying to convey in the above note.

I hope this helps!