Help with pattern please?

I already posted twice for help with this, was doing ok too until i somehow stopped the cable pattern and did loads plain, ended up pulling the whole lot apart :frog:
So i’m gonna post a picture so my question makes more sense:

After the thumb opening bit, it’ll say patt in certain places, what is the pattern i should be following on these bits?

I’m not up to there yet cus i’ve just unpulled it, but i wont have a clue what to do when i get up to it again.

The pattern is the rib/cable pattern you’ve been doing prior to that.

i dont understand how to pick the patern up, like on the first row after the thumb opening it says k16, cast off 6 and patt to end, do i do what would be left on row one of the pattern, so, k3,p2,k8,k7?

Then on the next row do as it says and then finish as if in row 2 of the pattern?

If your’e on row 1 of the pattern when you k16, BO 6 then take up the pattern as it continues. I think it’s row 3 which repeats row 1.


I’m still really confused. If the pattern repeats row 1 on row three after the thumb bit, what should i do for the other two?

wonders if all patterns would confuse her this much

Sorry, I read it wrong I think; on that row you would be repeating row 1. It starts out k25, p 3, so yes you would k16, bo 3, then you would k3, p3 and finish the row. Next row is a repeat of row 2 and you incorporate the 14 thumb sts into that. So work the first 22 sts of row 2, p 14 and take it from there.

Have you got to that point in your knitting or are you reading ahead? Very often it makes more sense if you do it step by step with the yarn and needles than try to visualize it.

I’m not at that point yet because i wanted to know how to do it first to avoid going wrong again! I’m gonna try again tomorrow, and hopefully it’ll go ok fingers crossed

thanks for the help

It really won’t be that difficult. By the time you get there you can see how the stitches should be done - knit the knit sts and purl the purls. That’s all there is to it.