Help with pattern please

Hi I’m working on Capri, a top from the new Rowan magazine number 43. I’m working on the back section with 95 sts on the needles following an 8 row repeat pattern. [B]Once I worked 1-8 of the repeat it says:
Cont in patt., dec 1 st at each end of next and following 14th row. 91 sts (for my size).
Work 19 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.
Inc. 1 st at each end of next and foll 16th row, taking inc sts into patt. 95 sts.
Cont stright until back measures 34 cm, ending with RS facing for next row.[/B]

I know that “dec 1 st at each end” means that I k2tog in the beginning and end of the row. But does “and the following 14th row” mean I count the 1-8 I did before work row 9 with the two decreases then follow 5 rows of the pattern to 14 and decrease again? Then after I do that does the “Work 19 rows” mean I really work 19 rows from the pattern or do I keep counting from the 14th row where I left off?

I really need help as I am very confused! Thank you in advance.

Generally, unless they say something like “for a total of 9 rows”, they mean 9 rows from that point. So you start counting at 1 (after the rows 1-8) and do your decrease on the 14th row and the 28th row (next 14th and following 14th). Then you start counting at 1 again and work 19 more rows; then start counting at 1 again and do your increases on rows 16 and 32, then just keep going with no increases or decreases till you have 34 cm total length, doing a WS last.

It means to inc on the 14th row after the 1st dec row which is Row 9, so that’s row 23. Then k19 rows and on the next row, increase, then increase again on the 16th row after that.

OK, I reread it after reading Sue’s post and she’s right- so ignore my first post. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!!