Help with pattern please!

Okay, I am making a flower shaped washcloth that is in the “Weekend Knitting” book. Here are the directions:
CO 11 sts.
ROW 1: Knitt across
ROW 2: Insert the tip of the right-hand needle between the first 2 sts on the left-hand needle, draw up a loop, and place it on the left-hand needle - 1 st increased…
I do not understand how to do ROW 2. Can anyone help?
Dallas, NC

If you spread the stitches on your needle apart a bit,Insert the right hand needle BETWEEN the first and second stitches on the left needle. Wrap the yarn as if to knit, and draw through between the stitches. Use the tip of your right needle to slide this new stitch onto the left needle.

This makes it awkward to knit because I am putting the loop back on the left needle and then knitting, am I still doing something wrong?

It sounds like a M1 increase. Lift the bar between the stitches from front to back onto the left needle and knit into the back of it–the small loop.

What are the rest of the instructionf for row 2?

I thought the same as Ingrid for a bit - but for a lifted bar incrase the bar is between your two needles, not between the two stitches of the left needle.

Anyway - the complete instructions for the row would help interpret it.

Yes, all of the stitches are on the left needle. Here are the complete directions…
CO 11 sts.
ROW 1: Knitt across.
For rows 2-20, slip the last st of every row as if to purl with yarn in front, to create a smooth edge for the petal.

ROW 2: Insert the tip of the right-hand needle between the first 2 sts on the left-hand needle, draw up a loop, and place it on the left-hand needle - 1 st increased. Knit across all sts, slipping the last st of the row as given above.

I knew I could count on someone to help me out!!! Thanks you!


yup, they have you doing a “cable increase” once at the start of each row, as I described above. After you slip the loop to the left needle you will have one more stitch then you started with, then you knit across.

Cast on 11

  1. knit 11

  2. increase as described, knit 11, slip 1 purlwise

  3. increase as described, knit 12, slip 1 purlwise

  4. increase as described, knit 13, slip 1 purlwise

  5. etc etc

I thought it was different than a cable increase… but I could be wrong…

After you slip with the yarn in front the working yarn will be between then first and second stitch. I tried it and you can pull that up and put a loop before the first stitch. I’m not sure how different the results would be from a cable increase.

omg! i had the same trouble like that before but it was only a christmas sweater, i just knit 50 and then slip one purlwise, ^_^, good luck on your project

I just finished a pattern that uses this increase. It is like doing cable
cast on to make a new stitch. In this particular case you just cast on
1 to increase 1. There are videos on this site about cable cast on if
you have never done it before. :slight_smile:

Libbie :slight_smile:

MaMaDawn - you are slipping the LAST STitch - and don’t start doing that until the end of row 2 - so that cannot be it.

the description is the same as for a cable cast on. Cable cast-on is very common at the start of rows. It does make the first stitch a trifle difficult to knit into - but not incredibly so.