Help with pattern please?

First I’m very new to knitting, mostly have been doing practice swatches and scarves (not quite finished though).

I need help with this pattern I’d really like to try.

In this part of the pattern for the cables:
Row 1 – p2, k9, p2
Row 2 – p2, k9, p2
Row 3 – p2, c6f, k3, p2
Row 4 – p2, k9, p2
Row 5 – p2, k9, p2
Row 6 – p2, k3, c6b, p2

I need help with the c6f on row 3 and c6b on row 6. I tried one cable scarf pattern on the lion brand site but don’t recall seeing anything like that in that pattern. Do I just move the stitches onto the cable needle? Knit them on? I’m assuming the f is front and b is back, but that’s all I understand of that part.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

That’s a pretty pattern!!

For the C6f~ You will place 3 sts on the cable needle and hold that to the front…then knit the next 3 sts from your knitting needle…then knit the 3 sts from the cable needle…

For the C6B~ You will do the same but hold the cable needle to the back

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start these. As soon as this holiday rush is over!