Help with pattern please!
i want to knit it in the round…but i also am afriad to screw it up…would someone be willing to help me? i need to make the size 2… :notworthy: tia

What I would do is double the number of cast-on stitches, putting a marker at the beginning of the round and halfway around. Usually you leave out the very edge stitches when you convert a pattern to account for the stitches that would be seamed, but it might be easier with all the decreases to leave them in. It would only be a 4-stitch difference.

Work each section between the markers as if they were the front and back that you were knitting separately, and when you get to the armholes, work them back and forth as if you’d been working the pattern flat all along.

Of course you’d knit every row in the round to get stockinette stitch.

thank you! i wasnt sure on st st… i thought i was going to have to remember to purl every other row :!!!: he he he! thanks thanks…
btw i like the little green hat…