Help with pattern please

Hi I’m currently working on a little cardigan for my baby girl but confused a little by the decreases and wondered if anyone can help me out thanks :blush:

What is the name of your pattern and which size are you making?

For example, for the smallest size, dec on row 5 and then on row 9,13 and 17 (those are the 3 following 4th rows). When there is a - (or x or 0) for your size, skip over that direction.

The name of the pattern is Jessica by Rowan. I’m doing 9 to 12 months which is the middle size. So I need to decrease on 9th, 19th, 27th, 35th rows is that correct?

How cute and sweet!

Ok, for the middle size in the brackets, dec on row 9 and then row 19 followed by rows 27 and 35.
That is a sweet pattern. Thanks for the link, GG.