Help with pattern please ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am knitting a double knit jacket stuck on part of pattern is to do with Shape neck .I have 19 sts on needle.

I get k2tog ,k to last 6 sts and slip these on to a thread .
Donโ€™t understand the bit after that ?

It looks like slip the last 6 stitches onto a holder this leaves you with 12 stitches on your needle to work.
The next instruction of what to do with these 12 is โ€œfollow instructions given for front of plain front buttoned sweater from xxxx to xxxxโ€
So once you have your 6 on hold and 12 on the needles turn to the part of the pattern for the front and look for the astrixs. As you are about to work the right side here I would expect the next instruction to be on the wrong side of the fabric, the purl side.

When you find that part of the pattern, if you need help with it, you can post again with the next bit of instruction.

Is that okay?

Your knitting looks lovely, very smooth even tension, I like the definition of that yarn too.


Hi there creations . Thank you now it makes more sense to me .
iam an intermediate knitter not new to knitting but still learning patterns .
Thanks for your kind comments on my knitting and if I get stuck I will post more of the pattern.
Love this forum and once again the you very much.


Youโ€™re very welcome. Iโ€™m still learning too and I am always grateful for the help from people here.

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This is the next bit

Every Foll alt row means every other row
This means donโ€™t increase on the next row (wrong side row) but do on the following one. Basically each right side row decrease at the arm raglan edge.

At the same time dec 1 st at the neck edge on next 3 rows. Then the foll alt row. This means 3 rows of decrease, work Row without decrease, work a row with decrease.

When you put them together call the next row, row 1 and you have 12 stitches:
Row 1 dec neck edge
Row 2 dec neck edge and raglan edge
Row 3 dec neck edge (thatโ€™s 3 done)
Row 4 dec raglan
Row 5 dec neck edge (thatโ€™s the foll alt)

Thatโ€™s 6 stitches decreased and 6 stitches remaining.

The next part says to continue to dec at raglan edge until 2 stitches remain. Thatโ€™s 4 decreases. Continue counting from earlier.
dec raglan edge on rows 6, 8, 10, 12 (the alternate rows)
Row 13 work (as it says finish with purl row)
Row 14 k2tog and fasten off (1 stitch remains, pull yarn through leaving a 6 inch tail)

Does it make sense?

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Yes I think it does now you have explained it :blush: Iโ€™ll let you know how I get on with the rest of my project and hopefully put up a picture if ( when ) l get it finished .
Thanks again .

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What do you do with the 6 sts left on the holder ,do they stay there until making up the cardigan ?

Sorry Iโ€™m not sure where you are up to.
Which 6 stitches are you asking about?
If you have stitches on hold there will be some part of the pattern which tells you when to return to them and what to do. Can you look ahead to see if they are mentioned?

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Read ahead in the pattern. It will tell you what to do with the stitches when the time comes. Or just keep going and find out when you get there :slight_smile:

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Hi creations, thanks Iโ€™ve read further on in pattern and found what to do with those 6 sts later in the pattern .

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Thanks kushami , silly me iam still fairly new to reading patterns and some are confusing . Having read further on it appears to tell me later in the pattern as what to do .:hugs:. Thanks again :blush:

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