Help with pattern please

I am knitting a jumper with raglan seems. I am on the neckband but not quite sure how to carry on. I have attached the snipit from the pattern. Am i right in saying that with the rs facing i sew the seems together thus attaching the right arm?
Also i have attached a photo of the front piece of the jumper does the small piece on the right look correct? (Cannot see where that little piece fits in) sorry i hope this all makes sense

The sweater looks lovely so far. Nice even knitting.

The raglan seams (i.e. red arrow) are joined at the right sleeve and back, at the right sleeve and front, and also at the left sleeve and front. Leave the seam at the left sleeve/back open. I pin all these in place to make sure I’ve joined the pieces correctly. Yes, you can join with mattress stitch if you like with the RSs facing.

The yellow arrow points to the left side of the neck. It’s where you’ll pick up 9 or 11 collar sts depending on the size you’re making. Looks good.

Hello, i hope you are well? Thank you for coming to the rescue again. I see now i always think that the right hand side is as you looking at it but its as you wear it. Am i correct,? I will give it a go. Have you any tips of how to pick up stitches evenly pls?

Yes, for the right hand and left hand sides are as you would wear the sweater.
I use safety pins or stitch markers to section the area into halves or even fourths if it’s a long stretch where sts are to be picked up.
Really, it’s amazing how well this works. The sts don’t have to be picked up with military precision, just not bunched in one area and scarce in another.

Great thank you will give it a go

I did this just recently for the first time. I watch a fab video which showed picking up in every knit stitch and between the stitches where there was a big hole (well, not that big but if you gently part the fabric) from decreased stitches. The tip was to do this on the picking up round and then on the next row fix the number if its not exactly what the pattern states. I really liked this as it made the pick up join really neat, no holes, and actually when I counted up I only had one stitch to reduce during the second row (just k 2 tog. I put a little marker in the remind me which to knit together).
If I knew here the video was I’d link it, sorry I can’t, but perhaps the info helps or maybe you can find similar video for picking up stitches. It really helped me.
Also remember that extra v type bit on the right ends up leaning across and lining up with the stitches on the holder making a smooth line which looks impossible when layed flat but it makes sense when you get it on the needles.

I did a little tack stitch in a contrasting colour to hold pieces together before seaming the raglan and found that easier than pins. I am not very good at all this and it helped me keep it all in the right place.
Good luck with it

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Hi thank you for this will have a look.

Hello sorry to bother you i have started sewing the raglan seams together is it correct that tje front of the jumper is slightly shorter than the back?

The sts on hold for the front will be lower than the held sts for the back. That’s so the neck fits well.

The seams along the sleeves (sleeve to back and sleeve to front) are usually the same length. That’s where the little triangle ears on the front in your earlier photo come into play. They will be joined to a sleeve all the way from their tip down the raglan to the underarm.

Ok thank you. I thought i was too short with my front. Will have a look now

Sorry just cannot figure out you know the bit you drew a yellow arrow to above should i have same little piece at the other side too because i havent.

If i knit across the 15 sts of left sleeve i presume i pick up 9 sts down that little piece. It says knit across 17 sts on st holder at front neck and then pick up and knit 9 sts evenly up right side of neck
But i have 28 sts on the st holder at front.
Thats what makes me think i should have a little piece at other side but i am sure i followed pattern
Sorry just cannot see how comes together

You’re right that you should have that little triangle on both the left and right sides of the front. Usually the directions are to knit across a given number of sts (maybe 11 or so?) and place the remaining sts on a holder (maybe 28sts). You work the decreases at the neck and armhole raglan that give you the little triangle then fasten off on that side.
There should then be directions to slip the center 17sts to another holder and then knit across the remaining sts (11sts?) and shape a second triangle similar to the first with the neck and armhole shaping at the appropriate edges.
This is relatively easy to correct. Leave the center 17 sts on the holder and work with the extra sts on the end for that second triangle.

Ok thank you. I will have a look where i went wrong. I hope then things will fall into place then

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