Help with pattern please

Hi I am knitting Hayfield Bonus Super Chunky pattern 10002 Coatigan.

Its the border on the fronts that has me stumped

1st row last 4 stitches … p1, ybk, s1p, k1, ybk, s1p …

2nd Row first 4 stitches … p1, s1p, p1, k1

In row 1 I don’t understand the second ybk instruction after k1, its already at the back after a k1

Regards Ian

This is the front border? Is there any explanation at the beginning of the pattern that might help? Otherwise, a message to Hayfield or Sirdar might be the best answer.

Maybe it’s just making sure you down s1 wyif? The edge looks like I cord to me.

Thanks for that, I am not that experienced and I cord is not a term I have come across before but there’s loads on utube so thats great, thanks