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Hi hope I put this in the right place.

I’m doing a pattern Sirdar Click Chunky 7207 and I’m probably reading it wrong but to me it looks like there’s a mistake in the pattern. I’ve read it backwards and forwards and I’m sure I am following the pattern but it is producing an obviously wrong result. The instructions for neck shaping on the left front panel has the instruction on the first line of the second instructions page

Shape Neck
Next Row. Cast off 4 [5:5:5:6:7] sts, purl to end. 21 [24:27:29:31:34] sts.

The instructions prior to this say to finish on a right side row, which I have done, so the next row should be a purl row as per the instruction shown, But this is puts the decrease in the middle of the armhole, producing an obviously wrong result, not the neck, should it not be cast off the stitches at the end and not the start.

Thanks Ian

The cast off is for the beginning of the neck decreases? If you are have just completed a knit row then turned to work the purl row, then the instructions are correct. Cast off at the beginning of the purl (WS) row.
In your photo, the cast off (the blue arrow?) looks like it’s at the beginning of a knit row.

Or am I looking at the wrong cast off?

No and you are looking at the correct cast off and I think I have realised what I did wrong. When I was shaping the armhole I inadvertently went too far before starting the neck shaping and rather than pulling it back off the needles I unknit a couple of rows. I must have picked up the stitches backwards so that what was a knit row actually looked like a purl row. Thinking I was on the correct row I started the Shape Neck instruction which put it on the wrong end.

Although wouldn’t that have left a visible line in the stocking stitch ??

Anyway I pulled it back to before the neck shaping, picked the stitches back up and redid it. I must have picked it up correctly because the neck shaping worked this time.

Thanks for the reply, this forum is invaluable there not being any knitting groups near me.

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