Help with pattern please!

I am making a baby outfit and have finished the sweater and now on to the pants. I have cast on the first 55 stitches, purled the back side, knit the RS ending with a wrap stitch, and the purled back across the row.This is when the pattern confuses me. The pattern reads as follows:

Row 1: K10, wrap next st and purl back.
Row 2: K15, wrap next st and purl back. Cont. as est., working 5 more sts every RS row until 30 sts have been worked; turn, p to end. Work St st across all sts until piece measures 6 1/2".

Does that mean K10, wrap next st and purl the rest of the row or turn over and purl? Same question for the 2nd row. And what does turn, p to end mean? :thinking:

This is a baby gift for a friend and the baby has already arrived, so I am desperate! I thank you in advance for any help with this matter.

Kasting Kat :smiley:

It looks like you’re doing short-row shaping, so you’ll knit the first 10, wrap, turn the work and purl all the way back to the end. Then you’ll knit the first 15, wrap, turn and purl back to the end. You keep working from the same end, each time knitting 5 more stitches that you did the last time before you turn and purl until you’ve worked the first 30 stitches this way and you’ve purled back to the beginning. Then you work the entire row until you get to 6 1/2 inches.

Is a “w&t” the same as “wrap”?

My first inclination was to say yes, and I don’t see any reason to wrap a stitch unless you’re going to turn, but there very well may be some odd thing out there. If I saw ‘wrap’ I’d probably assume it mean to turn also and see what happened.

Ok. Well, the patters says w&t, but I couldn’t find any directions that said it was the same as just a “wrap”.
I was thinking they were the same thing. Just wanted to double check.