Help with pattern please

I am currently knitting a hood for a sweater and don’t really understand what is meant by the neck edge. The pattern says dec 1 st at end of next and every following alt row until 41 sts remain finishing at neck edge. I am knitting the left side.

Which pattern are you following? Can you give us a name or a link to the pattern?

Wendy 5744 Aran

It sounds like this hood is knit in 2 halves, right and left sides. Does that sound correct?
The neck edge would be the edge that will attach to the sweater at the neck, the other edge being the center seam.

Thank you for your reply. The hood is in two halves and I am knitting the left side. Both sides are sloping due to the increases so it’s a bit difficult to see what part actually attaches to the neck, although the photograph shows the ribbing to be at the top. I’m wondering if both sides should slope as I thought the back seam would be straight.
The pattern says dec 1 st at beg in next and at the same edge on every row until 47 sts remain. Work 4 rows straight finishing on a wrong side row. Dec 1 st at end of next and every following alt row until 41 sts remain finishing at neck edge. I am on the right side of my work and have 41 sts. Have I interpreted the pattern correctly please?

My question is, before these directions, did you finish having just completed a WS or a RS row?

Also, is the hood knit in two pieces and then joined for several inches finishing with the ribbing?

The right side and the left side are both knitted in one piece. I’d finished on a wrong side row which means the decreases would start on the right side row. I had to decrease on the wrong as well as the right side when the pattern said decrease at the same edge on every row until 47 sts.

That’s right then, since you end on a WS row, the decreases are at the right edge and continue at that edge to 47sts. Since you again end on a WS row , the second set of decreases are at the end of the RS row, the left edge on every other row.
It’s possible that if there’s a schematic, that’ll help with the shaping… It’s not clear to my why it seems asymmetric (dec first on one edge and then the other) but that seems correct.

Thanks for your help. I’ve now reached the 41 sts and am on the right side of my work. The pattern said Dec 1st at end and every following alt row until 41sts remain finishing at neck edge which is where I am now. Is this the neck edge I’m now on? The pattern goes on to say Next Row: Cast off 3sts, patt to last 2sts work 2tog. So am I right in thinking this will be on the wrong side row?. Next Row - Work 2tog, patt to end. Rept the last 2 rows 2 times more. Cast off remaining 26sts firmly. This sounds as though it’s coming to a point. Does it make sense?

You’re now at 41sts, about to begin a RS row so, cast off 3 sts, work to the last 2, work 2 tog. Then turn to a WS row and work 2tog and finish the row in pattern.
It seems that you’re shaping this side with a final cast off of 26 sts.
Can you post a photo of the hood so far? Use the upload arrow in the reply text box.

I’m actually on a right side row at 41sts about to begin a wrong side row.

Did the hood begin with the ribbing in one piece and then split into two pieces, a right and a left? I’m having a hard time visualizing how this goes. Is there a schematic for the hood? Check the Finishing directions to see if they are any help.
The photo of the pattern has a seam up the very back part of the hood. Does that help?

No. The two sides are knitted separately. I’m having a hard time visualising how this goes too. I’ve finished the left side now and have begun the right and just hope it’ll all fall into place.

I’ve done that sometimes myself, just trusted the pattern and hoped that when I saw it in 3 dimensions, the shaping would make sense. Let us know how it goes. I’m curious, too.
It’s a very good looking sweater.

I’ve finished knitting the right side and it fits with the left side and I’ve sewn the top seam and back seam up ready for assembly so it seems to have worked out. What a strange beastie! Thank you for your time and patience.

Thanks for letting us know. I’m delighted you were able to work through some very obscure directions. Good for you!