Help with pattern please

Hi all, knitting a baby jumper for a new grandchild and am confused. Can you please help. The pattern says the following

Using 3.25 needles cast on 80 sts
1st row P2, *K4, P2, rep from * to end
2nd row K2 *P4, K2 rep from * to end
3rd row P2 *cable 4, P2 rep from * to end
4th row - as 2nd row

last 4 rows form patt.
Work a further 7 rows patt.

Then the following which I don’t understand.

NEXT ROW - patt 10, *work 2 tog, patt 1, rep from * to last 7 sts, patt 7…59 sts, 12 rows patt in all.

Can someone please help this floundering grannie

Change to 4.00 needles

Sure, we can help. Where exactly are you having trouble?

Thanks. The part where it says NEXT ROW. Just before the change of needles.

The pattern is giving you a method for decreasing sts for the body of the sweater.

Patt 10 means to work 10sts in the knit and purl pattern that you’ve already established then decrease either by knitting 2tog or purling two together depending on where you are in the row. The repeat is (work 2 tog, pattern 1) so you’ll repeat that across the row to the last 7sts, then work 7sts in pattern of knits and purls.

Be sure to work this on a row 1,2 or 4 and not the cable twist row 3.

Thank u so much. Cheers Gail