Help with pattern please (slippers) - UPDATE: F.O. pix!

I’m making [COLOR=black]these[/COLOR] slippers, and I’m stuck with two questions.

The pattern requires you to make two identical sole pieces, then stitch them together. It states:

With wrong sides facing, stitch 2 soles tog for each slipper.

What do they mean by “wrong sides facing”? Wrong sides facing outwards? Wrong sides facing inwards? If it helps, the sole pieces that I crocheted kind of “bowl” a bit…my inclination is to stitch them together so they nestle inside of each other.

My other question has to do with stitching the soles together. I’m wondering if I stitch the soles together separately (like with a yarn needle), or consider the next part of the instructions as stitching them together:

[B]Sole Edging:[/B] With right side facing, join MC to center st at heel and working through both thicknesses of sole, sc in each st to end of rnd, sl st in first st - 52(74,92) sts.

Is that considered stitching the two soles together, or is this part of the directions referring to a step that creates something totally different (since this step is labeled “sole edging”?)?

Well to answer your first question, when they say RS or WS facing, that means they (the sides in question) are facing each other. So it would be WS to WS or RS to RS depending on what the pattern tells you to do.

As for the second question.
You will sew the soles together (double thickness) and then treat them as one. BUT, if you want to skip that step altogether and be adventurous, you could just do the pick up stitches as your seaming method ( I would think that would save a whole step, but that’s just me though). But if you aren’t quite familiar or comfortable doing that then, yeah go ahead and stitch them together and then pick up the top stitches. Also another reason they might have you do the sewing is to give the edge of the soles a little bit of extra stiffness.

I finished two pairs (toddler size) of the slippers, and I think they came out cute! I accidentally put one of the ankle patches on the pink slippers on the wrong side, so the picture is wrong, but I did fix them in the actual slipper. The pink was the first set I made for my daughter, and the navy ones are for my nephew, and I just CAN’T WAIT for my sister to see them–I think she’ll love them! I have another pair to do for my oldest daughter…she wears the same size shoes I do (!), so I will be making the largest size! (she’s only 10)

OMG! They are SOOOOO cute! Great crocheting :slight_smile:

Now those are just too cute! Very exact and look great! Mary

Those are so adorable! Could I ask where the pattern is from (book? online?)


Hi Debi–you have to order a whole kit from Mary Maxim in order to get the pattern. I was a bit disappointed that they don’t sell just the pattern for some of their stuff, but I suppose it’s more profitable for them to sell kits rather than just patterns. [COLOR=blue][B][I]Here[/I][/B][/COLOR] is the link to the kit and pattern.

Wow, so very cute!!!