Help with pattern please---buttonhole/something

Hi all. I’m working on a Debbie bliss pattern (Smock coat) and am on the right front where you’re supposed to start making the vertical slots for the buttons (it’s like a double breasted coat, where there needs to be two buttons…one in the middle and one on the edge).

The pattern follows:
K3, yo, work 2 tog, seed 14, work 2 tog, yo, seed st 2, turn and cont on these 23 sts. only.

Work 6 rows more (for vertical slot) on these sts.

Leave these sts on spare needle.

Then the pattern continues with the other sts being worked up on its own, to then be joined together with the pattern above. So, when I joined it, there’s a distinct vertical slot. However, the “hole” for the button is not showing on the edge side. When it says to work 6 rows more, I’m assuming I’m supposed to do the exact same pattern (k3, yo, etc), 6 more times. Am I right? Because if that’s the case, every time I work 2 tog on the wrong side, it eliminates the hole that the yo provided. Please help. Thanks!

I think work 6 more rows would be to knit it in pattern without the yo/work 2 tog. The k/p 2tog would dec, the yo an increase so you’d have the same number of sts, but there’s a hole for the button.

Hmm…I’ll have to try this. Does this mean that every other row I’d have to do it the way it says, and the other rows I’d have to take out the yo/work 2 tog? (Since I want the hole on the edge of the right side row right after the k3 yo work2 tog). When I’m on the wrong side, then I’d do it differently?

Unless the buttonholes are supposed to be on every row, you’d need to space them apart by doing plain rows (plain as in no buttonholes, work in pattern) in between.

Thanks Suzeeq. After pondering what you said and staring at the pictures, I agree with what you said…that work 6 means to work the pattern without the k3, yo, etc. I was confused bc further down the pattern, she stated specifically to work 6 more rows in seed st. She didn’t include the “seed st” in the earlier direction. Anyways, thanks! I hope this turns out!