Help with pattern needed!

[COLOR=“Blue”]Hi everyone,

i have fallen in love with the idea of making this awesome wooly hood thing but don’t really understand what the pattern is saying. Here is the bit i don’t understand:

Pattern (multiple of 5 sts)
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: Knit.
Rounds 3 - 6: * K2, p3; repeat from * around

It’s on circular kneedles (which i’ve never used before!), so i assume a ROUND means a full circle on the needle.

HOWEVER, what does multiples of 5 mean? Does it mean that I do 5 full circles of that first pattern before moving onto the next?

Please help as i am very confused!!

losds of love


You’re RIGHT!! A full circle around the stitches is called a “round”. I always use a stitch marker on my circular needle to tell me exactly which stitch is “Stitch #1” so I know when I’m back to the beginning!

“Multiple of 5” just means how many stitches you should have on the needles. You should have a total that is divisible by 5 = 35, 55, 60, 75, etc… A number that can be divided by 5.

I hope that helps!!!

Is there a link to your pattern?
What you wrote out up there is the instruction for the stitch pattern (how many knits and purls repeat)… What is missing is the instruction for the piece you shall make… how many stitches will it be wide? How many rounds high?

I would like to see more about it and then we can all help you on.

Edit: trusty google: here is the patternlink:

your thing starts with 90 stitches. So cast on 90 stitches, then place a marker and join to round. Look up what “not twisting” means or you will see a surprise (sorry, a little rushed here)

there is probably more to this pattern but I only found page 1

Hi, Hyper!

Thanks for this. It’s a beautiful pattern! Oddly enough, the whole thing is on that one page. Seems easy enough and I’ll bet it would make great Christmas presents! I’m just wondering who makes a size US 15 Circular?

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :o)

NOTE: Found it! My very FAVORITE Knit Picks Options Nickel Plated interchangeable tips come in sizes up to 17!!! Yay, Yippee! :woohoo:

You can find a size 15 circ just about anywhere - Joanns, Michaels AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, walmart may even have it.