HELP with Pattern needed

Hey can u all take a look at this pattern.

So i just finished the first side after the shoulder shaping before the collar. It says cast of 9 then knit to the end then cast of 9 and purl to the end (20 sts).

Now… Does this mean i should of lost 20 stitched and still have 8 on the needle. If so 8 stitched double ribb does not look much for the collar. Or should i still have 20 stitches on the needle.

Thanks in Advance.

It means you’ll be left with 20 sts. When a st count is given at the end of a sentence or row that has increases or decreases in it, and is in () or [], that’s how many sts you now have.

Nooooooo… DAMN.

How did i end up with only 9 stitches left…

You know, I think that’s a typo maybe… If you’re working on 28 sts, cast off 9, cast off another 9, that should leave you with 10 sts. But that doesn’t work evenly for the k2,p2 rib. I mean you can still do it but your other row would be p2, k2.

LOL, thats exactly what i was going to ask. But since i had nine rows i knitted two together then had eight for even rib. oops… AL see how it works out.