Help with Pattern Needed

I have a pattern that calls for, “pick up 28 stitches six rows from the cast on edge of the sheet by purling across the reverse of its body.” I can’t figure out how to pick up stitches that are not on the edge. Does anyone have any good videos of this?

This may be the equivalent of turning a hem. This can create a hem or a tuck.

I’m not sure that your pattern is calling for knitting together the sts on the needle with the picked up row or just picking up the sts and purling them. I have done this to create a hem or tuck. In any case, putting a thinner needle through the 28 sts you are aiming for first ensures that you have the 28sts to purl before you purl and then move on to the next directions.

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This is really helpful! The first row is just to pearl. Do you mean to use the smaller needle to pick them up left to right and pearl off of that?

Yes, that’s it exactly. I find it’s easier to purl off the needle although you may find it just as easy to pick up and purl as you go along. It’s a cute pattern although I’m not sure where the purl comes into play. Maybe making the ruffly edging?

That totally makes sense. And yes, it makes the bottom flare up!

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