Help with Pattern Needed


I’m trying to make the Part 1 Tulip Crochet Dress Bodice and Part 2: Tulip Crochet Dress Waistband in size 18.

At the end of Part 1 for size 18 it ends with 31 stitches.

Here is where I’m getting confused:
Then at Part 2 row 1 says:
Row 1: CH22 (21, 22, 19, 19, 14) Work 2 DC into the last ST of the last Bodice Row, DC into next 27 (29, 33, 39, 45, 55) STs, Work 2 DC into last ST. CH 24 (23, 24 ,21, 21, 16)

For size 18, am I reading the pattern right that I’m supposed to chain 22, 2DC (which will increase a stitch) to the bodice, and DC 33 stitches, 2 DC (which will increase a stitch) and then chain 24?

Why does the pattern say DC 33 stitches when I ended with 31 stitches from Part 1?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

A good question for our crochet afficianados:

I think you’re reading the wrong number. For Size 18 months, you should be reading the 1st number inside the parentheses, which would be 29, not the 2nd number (which is 33). You have 31 stitches, you’re increasing in 2 of them, which leaves 29 between increases. Maybe it would be good to go through the whole pattern and highlight or circle that first number for each row? Wow…EXCEPT that you want the 2nd number for the total stitch count on each row! Gee, that’s not confusing at ALL! :thinking:


Thanks for you help on this!