Help with pattern needed

Hi. I can’t seem to work out the beginning of this pattern. Maybe fresh eyes can explain it for me.
Casting on 31 stitches after stst rows it says (increase in next st, k1) to end. Says I should have 46 start, but I don’t, I finish up with 61 sets. Where am I going wrong? Thanks

Hi Trisha and welcome!
The repeat (increase in the next st, k1) is going to use up 2sts each time you work it. The k1 at the beginning of the row uses one stitch and if you work the repeat 15 times that’s a total of 31sts used. That’ll increase the stitch count by 15sts (31 + 15 = 46.

You can use a knit front and back (kfb) or any increase in a stitch that you prefer.
Here’s a video for the kfb that won’t leave a purl bump to interrupt the stockinette stitch.

Ah thank you,that makes sense now. I have been m1 and then knitting the next stitch, therefore only using one st as appears to two :face_with_hand_over_mouth: