Help with Pattern: Making a Keyhole

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I’m a new user, and I made an account to get some help with a pattern I’m working on. I’ve ended up a little stuck!

I’m working on the Kensignton Cable Wrap from Two Of Wands (

I’ve gotten to the part where the work gets separated and worked in 3 different sections. This is where I’m making the keyhole, but the pattern does not discuss doing any bind offs or cast ons (which is the only way I’m familiar with on how to do a keyhole). I am certain this is a very simple question, but I think I’ve trapped myself into over thinking and I really don’t want to do anything that “messes up” the work I’ve done so far. I’ve included a picture because I think it will help provide context.

How do I transition from the right section (held on the stitch holder) to my middle section? Do I cut the working yarn and weave it in and then start a new yarn on the first stitch of the middle section? Or, is there a better and more graceful way to transition? Any help is welcome. Thank you so much!


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Lovely pattern. Thanks for the link.
You’ll work the next two sections separately. When you come to rejoining the sections, you’ll start on a RS row so if you can, leave the yarn ball attached to the first section for now.

Start working the middle section with a new end of yarn. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later and start knitting. The first couple of sts will be loose but you can snug them up later. When you come to the end of this section, leave the sts on a holder and you can cut the yarn leaving about a 6" tail. Do the same with the third section.

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Thank you so much! I knew I was probably overthinking things. I’ll grab my last skein and begin my middle section. I can’t wait to finish this project today!

Also, it really is a beautiful pattern, I’ve loved the way it’s worked up. I’m using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lionbrand in the color “Starlight” (there are subtle metallic threads that will be handsome for the coming holidays) on US 15 needles if anyone was curious. My only note is that, I honestly felt the chart was a much easier way to follow the pattern than the written instructions, but that may just be me lol.


No advice (salmonmac covered everything already) but I just wanted to say I think your project looks gorgeous! The cables look really lovely in that yarn!

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Aww thank you so much :grinning: I was surprised by how much I liked the yarn, it’s the first time I’ve worked with it. It’s very soft and has good stitch definition.

Such a lovely pattern! Your work looks very good too! Im filing this one away.

I have pounds & pounds of soft polwarth/merino fiber to spin. (Falkland Island) I normally spin to a thin-sport or thick-lace weight. But this project seems worth the deviation.

I normally have problems making thicker yarn. Wish me luck! I just have loads of the beautiful fiber. Seems silly to buy yarn. I have 5 bobbins so maybe 5 ply spun woolen?