Help with pattern - knitting an armhole

Hi everyone,
I’m knitting my first ever armhole and am confused by the pattern.
It says: At beg of next 2 rows, bind off 4 sts once, 2 sts once, 1 sts once and 1 sts once. (see attached pic)
My question: wouldn’t this make 4 rows?
Please help. Thanks!

Greetings from Switzerland!

I think these instructions are for pairs of 2 rows, so:
Beg of row 1 and 2, bind off 4 (making 8)
Beg of row 3 and 4, bind off, 2 (making 4)
Beg of row 5 and 6 bind off 1 (making 2)
Beg of row 7 and 8 bund off 1 (making 2)

This is for the second size, is this the size you’re making?

Hope this helps

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Excellent, thank you so much!

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You’re welcome.
If you have more questions do ask.

Follow-up question: after binding off it says to continue until “this piece” has a certain length. Where do I measure this from? From where I started binding off? Thank you so much for your help!

There is a measurement given for the back piece before you began the armholes, another measurement given for the armhole section and a third measurement given for when you finish the neck shaping and bind off all stitches.
Taking the small size as example
Back, work until piece measures 28cm
Armhole, work until piece measures 16cm
Neck, when piece measures 45.5cm from cast on edge, bind off all stitches.

The back is measured from cast on up to armhole
The armhole is measured from where you began the bind off shaping. Measuring straight up, not diagonally along the arm hole.
The neck section measurement refers to the entire length from cast on to the bind off row.
The numbers almost add up 28 + 16 = 44cm which allows 1.5cm for the neck shape.

A tip, when a piece says to measure and then work a second side (other side of neck, front and back of something, 2 fronts for a cardigan, 2 sleeves) I always count the rows on my first piece so that my second piece can be made the same number of rows. And I jot it down on the pattern so I get matching rows rather than relying on measurements.

I am not particularly experienced and this has helped me before.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much i was trying to figure it out and the answer so true keep supporting.

This has been so, so helpful. I’m really progressing. I’m currently doing the neck opening on the front and binding off the neck edge. It says “thereafter bind off neck edge, every other row…” obviously you only ever bind off at neck edge but does it mean to only do that every second time you’re at the neck edge?

Sounds like you’re doing great! It’s so exciting seeing it all take shape isn’t it.

Neck edge. You’ve worked WS with bind off 5 and worked to the end, and you have worked back again on the RS.
Now bind off at neck edge every other row, so call the next row row 1, it is the WS row and has no bind off as you will do every other.
Row 1 WS
Row 2 RS work the row and bind off at the next edge 3 stitches
Row 3 WS
Row 4 RS bind off at neck edge 2 stitches
Row 5 WS
Row 6 RS depending on your size you may bind off or not.