Help with pattern King Cole Cable top 5617

I making pattern King Cole 5617 cable sweater. I’m working on the back and at the arm hole shaping. I’m a little confused. Pattern reads:
Keeping pattern correct, cast off 4 sets at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st at each end of next 3 rows, then on foll 2 rows, then on foll 4th row.
Cont straight until armhole measures X inches ending with ws row.

My question is, on the cont straight am I just continuing in pattern until the armhole sections measure X inches high?

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Yes, you’re correct. Continue in pattern until you reach the measurement for your size.

Thank you!

I have a question on the Shape Back Neck. See photo for instructions.

This is where I’m at with my current progress.

K19 -
If I K19 I throw my patten off. My pattern for the 19 edge sts would be K3, P4, K4, P6, K2 and this division splits a cable.

Dec 1 -
What sts should I be on? Do I stay in pattern or switch to K/P rows?
Decrease 1 sts for 8 rows
Dec 1 sts x 1 row
Regular row
Work 3 rows.

Keep to your pattern of knits and purls while you’re casting off. You won’t be able to complete the cable but maintain the knit and purl columns as best you can.
In the photo of the front you can see that the neck shaping has cut off one part of the cable but the rest of the pattern continues for maybe a couple of rows before it too is cut off.

Hi I too have this problem and am thinking the pattern itself is wrong as reading forward it’s telling you to keep in pattern although you will just be knitting stocking stitch. I am a fairly new knitter and have just found this site as I was looking for a solution for this problem as I’m not very good at making adjustments to patterns just yet and need to follow them exactly

@Lscott602 I don’t know if this is correct yet or not but i read ahead and noticed that the other shoulder uses 21 sts vs 19 sts. I ended up doing 21 sts on the first side (the side with the cable) and kept to my stitch pattern then used 19 sts on the other side where it says to use 21 sts. It looks right but I don’t have both front and back done yet so we will see. Let me know if you figure anything out.

@teba.rn I have taken another look at the pattern and reading forward to the same place on the front side it seems to make sense there so I’m going to try to knit the rest of the back as per the front if that makes sense. Fingers crossed that works. I won’t be trying until later today but it’s been annoying me all night. Thanks for the help, sometimes you just need to know that you’re not going mad by not getting it lol and someone else has had the same problem

I don’t see a reason for the unequal distribution of sts on the right and left shoulders either. If anything you might expect the shoulder with the cable to have slightly more sts than the other shoulder.
As long as the stitch number on the shoulders matches at front and back you should be fine. Even if the stitch number is off by a stitch it’s still ok to seam the front and back together.

I emailed King Cole this morning and they replied saying there was an error in the first print of the pattern that has since been rectified, they are going to send me an updated version in the post. See attached copy of the email