Help with Pattern Instructions

Hi, everyone!

This is my first post & I’m hoping someone can help a newbie. I’m making a newsboy hat and I’m confused about how to interpret these instructions, working in the round:

“Cast on 56 sts. Row 1: * K1, P1; rep from * across. Join to work in the rnd, taking care not to twist sts. Work ribbing pat in the rnd until approximately 1 3/4” from beg. K 1 rnd inc 16 sts evenly spaced - 72 sts. Work in pat:"

I understand casting on & the various abbreviations. However, is it talking about 1 or 2 rows? What do you do when you get 1 3/4" from the end? When are you increasing stitches? The pattern continues with “Rnd 1” is this different than Row 1?

This is supposed to be an “easy” pattern. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KnittingHelp and to knitting!
The pattern is having you work one row of k1p1 rib before you join to knit in the round. This makes it easier to join to knit in the round without twisting the cast on.

Once you’re joined to work the ribbing in the round you’ll be working rounds and not rows. Keep knitting around and around until you have 1 3/4" measured from the cast on edge. On the next round, increase 16 sts across the round approximately evenly spaced.
If the pattern then continues with round one, that’s the beginning of the rounds for the pattern stitch, whatever that is.

Thanks so much for your help! So, just to be clear, is the k1p1 row the cast on or is it after the cast on?

It’s the row after the cast on. Enjoy knitting the hat!