Help with pattern instructions

I have been away from knitting for a couple of years. Moving to another state,new job etc… I have made these easy socks before but part of it has me stumped now.
Instructions say:

K8 on first needle
K16 on second needle
K8 on third needle

K across first 8 stitches
Working back and forth on 16 stitches on needle two
Row 1 (rs): Slip 1 knitwise, K1. Repeat across row and turn

Row 2 (ws): Slip 1 purlwise, p15. Turn.
Repeat these two rows until a total of 16 rows have been worked.
ending with row 2

So… my question is, it only says to repeat rows 1 and 2. Doesn’t say anything about needle #2 and the 16 stitches there. Do I knit those or leave them??

Just leave the other needles alone, you’re doing a short row heel and the other sts will be added at the end of the 16 rows. Look ahead in the pattern and you’ll be doing decs to add the other sts to these on the 2 needles.

OH ok. That’s why it says work the 16 stitches back and forth. Leaving the two needles with 8 stitches alone til later correct.

Yep, that’s right.