Help with pattern instructions

I may be reading too much into this but part of a pattern is confusing me. After working in St st for 3 inches it then says:
End with RS facing for next row.
So does that mean I am to end with the RS since the row you are working on is facing you and the next will then be a WS or does it mean after ending and turning the needles it will be ready for RS facing? This is a pattern in Natural Nursery Knits.
Thanks for your expert opinions.

End with RS facing for next row.
This would mean they want your next row to be a right side row. So the last row you work will be a wrong side row and then you will have a right side row facing you for the next row.

That is how I first read it but then started second guessing. Would be easier if it just said end on WS. Thank you so much!

Yes, that might have been clearer, but it seems some pattern writers like to, “Throw the cow over the fence some hay”, as a good knitting friend of mine likes to say.

Now, that is just too funny! Thanks for the laugh