Help with pattern instructions

Ok, guys, here I am back again!! I am having such a problem with my preemie booties, and it is sooo frustrating.

Basically, what I have done is this:

K1, *yfwd, K2tog cont from * all the way across
I understand this part…it is giving me a pointy edge to fold over to make a decorative edging to my bootie

this is what I don’t understand:
*Knit tog next stitch and same st 4 rows below from back, rep from * across

OK, I understand in my brain that what that is going to do is fold over the edging and make a decorative touch, but I cant figure out HOW. How do you find the row 4 below the one you are working on in a purl row?

Thanks for all your help.

On the purl side, look at the next stitch on your needle. Then look at the purl bump just below that. Count straight down 4 purl bumps and pick that one up on your needle. Knit it together with the next stitch on your needle. This folds it over and stitches it in place at the same time. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!!! Like I said, I knew intellectually what I needed to do, and how it would look, but got stuck on the execution.

You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

Well, it didn’t work. I don’t know what i did wrong, but it just didn’t work. So, I frogged and will take it to the lys on the weekend.


I’m sorry it didn’t work. I’m sure they can show you how to do it. It’s sooo much easier to see someone do it than have to rely on written directions.

(Which is why we love KnittingHelp so much, right?) :slight_smile:

Exactly, Silver. I am a very very visual person, so words aren’t a lot of help (but I appreciate the effort!!)