Help with pattern instructions

Hi everyone I have a question I’m working on Drops 170-4 pattern Butterfly Heart Top. Got thru first chart with a lot of frogging. But here is a picture of instructions for next part.

What I don’t understand I underlined on pink does it want me to repeat whole chart or do rows 3 times for my size? Here is picture of chart
And at same time I’m suppose to do short rows whew this pattern has alot going on but I like a challenge and I never give up


Lots of charts and short rows to follow. Markers, some of which you already have will be very helpful to keep track of both. A challenge as you say but worth the effort.
Repeat the entire chart (all 8 rows) for A.5-A.8 three times total then repeat rows 1-4 once more. That’ll be 28rows total.

You are always so helpful!!! I usually understand pattern very well because I crocheted for over 50 years and none of my friends or family crocheted to help me. I kinda thought it was doing whole chart since it didn’t mention rows. Drops patterns are sometimes so vague and assume alot. But there mostly my go to patterns I like I can get yarn easily and it’s not to expensive
Thanks again for helping

Anytime! I agree that Drops patterns aren’t always the most transparent perhaps due to the translations. I’m looking forward to seeing your Butterfly Heart top. It’s a beauty.