Help with pattern instructions

The pattern I’m following tells me to dec one stitch each of next and foll 16th rows what does this mean?

I wonder if it should read: dc one stitch each SIDE of next and following 16 rows.

Sounds like you’re decreasing for a sleeve?


It is the backside of a babies sleep sack and I was wondering the same about whether it is missing the word end after dec one stitch each, as if I only decrease one side the back would be wonky would it not?

I’m quite confused :joy:

What is the name of your pattern and the name of the designer or publisher?

It is a Sean sheep crafts branded kit that comes with the pattern, needles and yarn.

Maybe this one?

I agree with oldleftyknitter, probably “each end of the next and the foll 16th rows”. Does the pattern give stitch counts at any point? Sometimes you can figure out decreases by working from stitch counts or subsequent directions.

Yes that is the one, and yes it does I’m currently at 60 stitches and it says that I need to do the decrease every 16th row until I have 52 stitches.

It’s going to take about 50rows to decrease at each end of row every 16th from 60 to 52 sts. If the pattern gives a row gauge, you can use that to convert 50 rows to inches or cm. See if that makes sense with the pattern or a schematic if you have one.
Decreasing at each end seems increasingly the most likely interpretation.