help with pattern instructions

Spring Leaves vest pattern…free pattern on Ravelry…After knitting for 15" (for size 36)Pattern says to:
slip Right side and back sts on holder. Did that, then;;
Next row: wrg side work right leaning leaf across 15 sts, pm,The pattern shows that row 2 and all wrg side rows are:sl 3 sts purlwise wyif,p10,k2 This will be directly over Row1 of the right leaning leaf and I Cord border which is:Rt side:P2,K6,ssk,return resulting st back to LH ndl,pass next st over sskand sl st back to RH ndl,yo,k1,yo,k3. What am I missing or doing wrong?I`m anxious to complete this vest.Can anyone Please help me. Many thanks!

Designer is Michael Del Vecchio(unable to contact him)

Welcome to KH!
It sounds like you have it all correct. You’re continuing the Right leaning leaf border as you have been doing. I’m assuming you were up to a row 1 and now you’ve just completed row 1 of that pattern and turned to the WS. Now you work row 2 as you’ve given and purl 25 to the end of the row (the armhole edge).
Specifically, what doesn’t make sense? RS, WS? The leaf pattern?

Did you see the errata? Is it different than what you posted?