Help with pattern instructions

I want to give this pattern a go but am a little confused about the instructions.

It says to cast on using 2 strands of yarn but then to continue in garter stitch with a single strand. I’m surprised about this as it’s DK weight yarn with 9mm needles, so I’d have thought 2 strands for the entire project would have made more sense.

Am I reading the pattern correctly?

When I looked at the picture I discovered that the instructions are correct! This top has a lacy look. I wouldn’t know how to just drop the 1 strand. I mean, what would u do with it??

But in answer to your question, YES, you’re supposed to start with 2 strands and drop 1 later!!!


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Yes, that’s right; cast on with two strands and continue with one strand. The dropped strand just gets cut leaving an end to weave in.
The recommended yarns are more aran weight, a bit heavier than DK. The sweater is knit on larger needles (9mm or 13US) at a gauge of 10.5sts/4inches in garter stitch to give a lighter, lacier look.

Thanks for the help, it’s reassuring I was reading it right! I’ve done other patterns with three strands of yarn knitted together before and in cotton blend it still creates a lacy style, so wasn’t sure! But with the yarn quantities listed it would also make sense that it’s only a single strand. :slight_smile:

Garnstudio patterns are often hard to read/understand. I think it’s the translations. Anyway I suspect it’s so the cast on will be looser. Seems odd to me though, too.

Casting on with a double strand was a staple of patterns when I learned to knit 50= years ago, it gives the cast on more stability, simply drop the second strand before you start the single strand row.

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