Help with Pattern Instruction

I’m going to knit a hat and I need help understanding Row 2 and Row 3 instruction. Here’s the pattern instruction:
Row 1: K1, *P1, K1, repeat from * across row.
Row 2: P1, *K next st in row below, P1, repeat from * across row.
Row 3: K1, *P1, K next st in row below, repeat from * across row, ending P1, K1.

What does it mean to Knit next stitch in row below? I’ve never done that.
Thanks for your help.


When you knit into the stitch one row below, it means that instead of inserting your right needle into the next stitch (loop) on the left needle, you insert it into the stitch directly below that loop.

This website has a good picture and explanation, plus some information on when this technique would be used.

This technique, (knit 1 in row below) is often abr. as K1b.

It is also called a brioche stitch.

(brioche is a kind of buttery bread, that is formed into a loaf (usually a small ball), has an X cut in top, and a second, smaller ball is stuck into the X.–so its like a little 2 ball snowman shape.–see link below for image.)

the brioche stitch does the same thing.
when you knit into the one below–the one above undoes!
(it doesn’t ‘run’ or ladder, because its stopped by the knitting into the stitch below(so it only undoes 1 stitch)

this creates an elongated (a slipped stitch) flanked by the “wings” of the undone stitch.

Its a very decorative stitch…

the brioche stitch can be used in ribbing, in sead stitch, and various other patterns. (there is a web site just for this stitch)

it Opens with a picture of a brioche, and then has lots of info on this technique.

The Brioche stitch is one that some just fall in love with… it looks so different than “normal knitting” and yet, that is just what it is… normal knitting!

There’s a video for k1b on the Glossary page. I think it’s listed as k-b