Help with pattern instruction k 0(0,0)[2,2,0]

Hey y’all!! This is my third time knitting a sweater and when I saw this pattern I thought it wouldn’t be too bad! But now it looks like I’m gonna need a lot of help throughout the pattern because there are quite a bit of confusing instructions! I hope I’ve found the right place for this!!

After casting on to start at the neck and doing a k2,p2 rib, it says

In the last round work until 1 st before m, sl1 st from LH to RH needle, remove m, sl 1 st back to LH needle, [B]k 0(0,0)[2,2,0][/B],pm for new BOR.

I am making the size that comes first in the parenthesis, so if I’m not gonna knit anything there, do I have to do all that slipping back and forth and move the marker? (a marker had already been placed in earlier rounds). Am I understanding right?

Thanks for your help!!

Hi and welcome!
Yes, for your size, the marker moves to one stitch before the beginning of round. That’ll be one stitch to the right of it’s original position.
Always good to take on a challenge. We’ll all be happy to help if we can. What pattern are you making?

Thank you salmonmac! I am making a sweater called Dunes that can be found on ravelry.