Help with pattern gratefully received!

I’m a novice knitter and am attempting to make a pair of gloves (well arm warmers really!) for my sister in law for christmas.

I have worked in 2 x 2 rib with 54 stictches for 5 cm, as per pattern instructions. It then says " Rib 6 (4:4:6) rib 2 tog, (rib 2, rib 2 tog) 8 (10:10:10) times, rib 6 (4:4:6) 37 (39:39:43) sts. "

I cant make head not tail of this - if I rib 6 10 times (as thats the size I’m doing) and rib 2 tog, I end up with a total much more than 43 sts - (cant remeber how many - i ripped it out in disgust). Where does the (rib 2 rib 2 tog) fit in - do I do that after the rib 6 rib 2 tog on the same row?

The more I try & get my head round this the more confused I get - could anyone translate into English?!!

Thankyou! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here goes:

First you should:

Rib 6 THEN
Rib 2 together THEN
Rib 2, rib 2 together 10 times THEN
Rib 6 THEN
You should have 43 stitches on your needles

Let me know if this helps.

Hiya Knit cindy - thanks for getting back so quickly - much appreciated! _ will try your suggestion - am just redoing the ribbing (again!) I WILL succeed!!:mrgreen:

There’s nothing more frustrating than ripping out – AGAIN!!! But this time YOU WILL DO IT!!!

Let me know how it turns out!

Another thing to keep in mind is that when it says “rib 2” it means to work the ribbing over 2 stitches only, not to make k1, p1, k1, p1 or 4 stitches. Then when it says to rib 6 you work over only 6 stitches not 12. Just in case you were interpreting it where it would use the larger number of sts (I know some folks have done this before in this type of case).

I find myself similarly stuck with this pattern instruction which I hope someone can help explain how to go about it:
Rib 6, inc in next st, *rib 1, inc in next st, rep from * to last 7 sts,
rib 7… 57 sts (fyi: I have 42 sts in the earlier row before this).
Appreciate a stitch by stitch explanation as I am a novice but very enthusiastic knitter. Am trying to do a golf cover for my husband.
Thanks a heap!

What kind of rib are you doing, k1p1, k2p2, or something else?

“Rib 6, inc in next st, *rib 1, inc in next st, rep from * to last 7 sts,”

Same thing as the advice given above - work 6 sts in the rib pattern, inc in the next st, then do 1 st as a knit or purl, whatever it should be, and repeat that.

Over the first 6 stitches work each one as it needs to be worked, in other words if it is facing you as a knit stitch, knit it, if it is a purl stitch as it faces you, purl it. Then in the next stitch use some sort of increase that increases into the stitch. The most common is a knit front and back of the stitch. If you are doing a k1, p1 ribbing this would work out perfectly with your ribbing (if it begins with a knit) putting each increase on a knit stitch. After you work the increase in the stitch, making 2 out of one, work the next stitch (probably a knit stitch).

*rib 1, inc in next st, rep from *
In case you are not familiar with the use of the asterisks, after you do what is after the first * and come to where it says to "repeat from the *, it means to go back at that point and do what is after the first * again and again across the row, in this case until you have 7 stitches left. When you have 7 stitches left don’t increase anymore. Work the last 7 stitches as you did the first 6–knit if it is facing you as a knit and purl if it is facing you as a purl. You will now have 57 stitches if you did it correctly. I worked it out on paper and it comes out perfectly going from 42 to 57 following those directions.