HELP WITH PATTERN---going nuts

OMG I feel like I am losing my mind. I downloaded this pattern but all I see in way of instructions is, cast one and work in garter. period. Can someone please tell/show me what I am missing???

All you’re missing is is the length to knit. You just didn’t read far enough maybe.

[B]With 2 strands A held together, cast on 24 sts. Work even in Garter st [U]until wrap measures 75 (80) inches [190.5 (203)cm] from beg.[/U] Bind off. [/B]

There are more directions to put it together after that.

okay yes I saw that part…but, I thought there were sleeves. I don’t see any more directions beyond the bind off instruction.

OOOHHH OKAY…I see it now. Man, maybe I need some sleep.

I was looking for the row counts…then the sleeve finish…but now I see it…lol.


Some types of patterns are so simply done they don’t spell it how row by row. :thumbsup: