Help with pattern for spiral bag

Hi I’ve started knitting the spiral bag in march addition of Simply knitting but have got confused on row 12

the pattern starts of increasing sts then

Row 9 inc in 1st st, K4. (6 sts)
Row 10 K2, P2,K2.
Row 11 Inc in 1st st, K4, W&T.
Row 12 K1, P3, K2. (7 sts)
Row13 Inc in 1st st, K3, w&t.
Row 14 P3, K2. (8sts)

I’m not sure weather row 12 is right or the K1 should be K2?
the next rows don’t leave you at the end iof a row. do i turn at every full stop or carry on with the pattern half way through a row. Its really confusing me this pattern.

I hope someone can help thank you for looking


This is making short rows, ones that don’t go all the way across, or around. Turn where it says w&t, then do just the sts on the next row. Row 10 leavs you with 6 sts, then row 22 you work over 5 sts and end up with 6 on the R needle. Row 12 you work on 7 sts, which means you’ll have to knit the last st from the other sts on the L needle. Then 13 is another short row, turn and row 14 knits sts beyon the 5 on the needle. Just follow the instructions step by step and it should work out right.