Help with pattern for mittens

Hi I’m new to knitting and started with this pattern for mittens(Bernat)You knitt the mitt then cast off and sew top and side seam. I’m stuck on the part where they say
11th Row: K27. [B]TURN[/B] Cast on 1 st. P13(including cast on st.) [B]TURN[/B] Cast ob 1 st K14. **Beg with a purl row, work 9 rows in stocking st.

When they refer to TURN what do you do at this point.

Usually when you turn in the middle of a row you are doing what is called “short rows”. Short rows add shaping.

What part of the mitten are you on? Your comment on the seaming doesn’t fit with the short rows… :??

Do you have a link for the pattern?

The pattern is called “Soft Boucle Mitts and Beret” which I got from the Bernat website-member only section.

I am a the part where you shape the thumb and have followed the instructions so far til Row 11. I pasted the instructions below.
Hope that helps. Thanks.

Mitts: Left Mitt: **Cast on 34 sts.
1st row: (RS). K2. P2. K2. Rep
from * to end of row.
2nd row: P2. K2. P2. Rep from *
to end of row. Rep these 2 rows
(K2. P2) ribbing for 2½ ins [6 cm]
ending on a 2nd row. Work 4 rows
in stocking st.

Shape thumb: 1st row: K15.
(M1. K1) twice. Knit to end of row.
2nd and alt rows: Purl.
3rd row: K15. M1. K3. M1. Knit
to end of row.
5th row: K15. M1. K5. M1. Knit
to end of row.
7th row: K15. M1. K7. M1. Knit
to end of row.
9th row: K15. M1. K9. M1. Knit
to end of row. 44 sts.
[B]11th row: K27. Turn. Cast on 1 st.
P13 (including cast on st). Turn.
Cast on 1 st. K14. ***Beg with a
purl row, work 9 rows in stocking st.[/B]
Next row: (K2tog) 7 times. Break
yarn. Thread end through rem sts.
Draw up and fasten securely. Sew
thumb seam. With RS of work facing,
join yarn to last st on right hand
needle. Pick up and knit 2 sts at
base of thumb. Knit across sts on left
hand needle. 34 sts. Cont even until
work from top of ribbing measures
6 ins [15 cm] ending with RS facing

Would that be the part where you add a few sts for the thumb maybe?

The instruction to turn on row 11 means to turn the work from the knit side to the purl side, just as you would if you were at the end of a row. Don’t worry about the sts that remain on the left hand needle. You’ll come back to them later. When you knit back and forth on the 14sts, you’re actually making the thumb.

Thanks for the help. I will give it a try.