help with pattern for cadigan


Hi I m trying a cardigan pattern called Marion. The pattern starts with the back casting on 68 st. Then P next row. Row 2 it is K17 w and t. I think I understand wrap and turn. It then has short rows for 4 rows. then P and K rows to the end.
I don’t understand how this is the back. What are the extra short rows for? Why is it only on one side of the back? The pattern has K and P rows for 40 rows then start on the front right side. But it doesn’t seem like it will be long enough for a back.
Can some one explain this?



Welcome to KH!
It sounds like a top down sweater, possibly this one:

The short rows at the back are to lift the back neck so that the sweater doesn’t pull at the back. The turns shouldn’t be only on one side however. You should k17, w&t then purl across some number of sts and w&t again. That’ll account for 2 rows, the knit and the purl rows.

The first 40 rows get you through the neck shaping. Then you will likely continue with the fronts, back and possibly sleeves for the rest of the pattern.

Here’s a tutorial with explanation of basic top-down construction that may help. It may not be exactly your pattern but see if it helps.


Thank you so much!
Can’t wait to figure it all out and start it again.