Help with pattern "February Mittens"

Please help me figure this out:
I have 63 sts cast on divided on 3 needles, 21 sts each needle.
I cannot get the cuff knitted correctly! Because of row 2. I read the comments after the pattern and no one mentions they had a problem with it and no editing is in the Ravelry section. What I’m I doing wrong?
Row 2: I do the repeat but I never get it right. Is it normal to end a row with a yo?
I tried to attach the pattern but it won’t let me upload a pdf. Here’s the link from Ravelry:


Thank you for including the Ravelry link. It’s very helpful.
Link to pdf:

What’s not working for you? Do you run out of stitches for the repeat or have some left over? This looks like a 9 st repeat which should work out fine on 63 sts. As for ending a round with a yo, it’s not uncommon.

Thank you for your reply!
What does not work is my cuff pattern is crooked and also, I don’t know what to do with the last yo stitch at the end of the row. I guess I should divide my stitches on my needles by leaps of 9 instead of equal sts of 21. But I’m not sure what to do with the last yarn over of the row. And how to place my yarn in the next row.

Row 2: *k1, yo, k2, k2tog, k2tog, k2, yo, repeat from * until end of row

This may sound like a silly question but are you working in the round, yes? I find patterns that refer to rows rather than rounds for pieces worked in the round confusing. To me rows are worked flat and you turn the work at the end. Enough for semantics.

How you distribute your stitches is up to you. I am trying this out on circular needles because I might use it on some boot toppers I’m working on. I have half the stitches on the front needle, half in the back. I’m doing 4 repeats and placed a marker after the first nine stitches on the first needle, the second repeat ends at the end of the needle so I don’t need one there. The back needle is set up the same. Markers after each 9 stitches help you make sure you’re working your repeats on the correct stitches.

Work the yo at the end of the round just as you have for the other repeats. Move on to the first stitch of the next round and knit all the stitches. If you get to the end of the round and find that your yo dropped off the needle just pick up the running thread between the last and first stitches and put it back on the needle and knit into it.

You might find it’s easier to distribute your stitches so that you don’t have a yo as the last stitch on any of your needles. I’m not big on using dpn so if you really need help with that then I’ll have to let someone else help you.


Yes I am working in the round but on dpns instead of circular and I should’ve used circular as I to am more confortable with them.
I will use markers I am sure it will help and divide my sts as you suggested, without having a yo as the last st.
Thanks again for your help and patience. You are awesome!!!

If you still have problems let us know. Someone else might well be more helpful. These are nice mittens and I think you’ll be glad you stuck with them.

Ok will do! And yes love them.