Help with pattern directions



I’m confused by these sweater directions. After completing set up row 1, set up row 2 directs me to p1, k1 across marker to end and then CO 44 stitches at other end. But this gives me an extra row on the right side as the work continues because I’ve cast on, then worked in pattern across row and then ONLY cast on at other end. Is this correct? If so, is it common? If not correct, HELP! Pattern is for top down cardigan. Love this sight as it has been one of my best teachers. Thanks in advance!


This is very common in all kinds of situations in knitting ( e.g.matching shaping on cardigan fronts). There will indeed be a row difference in the start of the cast ons but the difference won’t be noticeable. It’s a small fraction of an inch.


Thank you so very much!