Help with pattern conversion

Hi, I am trying to convert a magic loop pattern into a flat one. I have added 2 extra stitches for a seam and I am alternating knit and purl rows. So far so good. Now the pattern calls for short rows:
It is written like this:

  1. K7 w&t P9
  2. K11 w&t P13
  3. K15 w&t P17
  4. K19 w&t P21
    My next row should be a right side row and I have 26 stitches in total.
    Obviously when I knit 7 then turn, I do not have 9 stitches left to purl (as I am knitting flat rows not in the round) and so on.
    If anyone can help I would be so grateful,
    Thank you,

Is this for a sweater and if so, which part of the sweater?
What is the name of the original pattern that you’re converting?

The pattern is for a knitted soft toy - a Kakapo (bird).
It’s a Raverly free pattern: Cromwell the booming Kakapo. The part in question is the neck.
Thank you

Very cute!

You could knit to the halfway point (knit 13sts) and then knit an additional 4sts. Call that the beginning of the first row.
Then w&t, p9 and so on with the remainder of your directions (2.-4.) .
I’m not sure where that places the neck shaping in regard to your seam but see if that works. Otherwise, the only alternatives seem to be to change the seam placement or follow the original pattern.

Thank you so much, I’ll give that a go,