HELP! With pattern confusion!

I am working on the Manos Salto fingerless mitts. I haven’t done anything that calls for a thumb gusset and I’m not sure of the terminology used. I’m including the snipet I’m having trouble with understanding.

Continue working thumb gusset shaping as follows while working Eyelet Pattern for 2 repeats, and working in Stockinette Stitch to the end of each round.
Work 1 round even as established.
Incr Rnd: Knit to marker, sl marker, m1R, knit to next marker, m1L, sl marker, work to end as established. [2 stitches increased]
Repeat last 2 rounds 5 more times. [54 stitches] Work 2 rounds even as established.

What does “work eyelet pattern for 2 repeats” mean? Does that mean rounds? It already had me work up the thumb gusset set up so the eyelets won’t even match up?!
Then what does work 1 even mean? Just stockinette? They only “established” pattern is the eyelet pattern.

Thank you!

The eyelet pattern repeats twice over the back of the hand and that seems to be what the pattern is referring to. You have to adjust the number of sts before or after the gusset so that the eyelet pattern lines up. You want to continue the columns of eyelet up the back of the mitt.

“Work even” means to work the rounds in whatever pattern you have been doing without increases or decreases. The “established pattern” is the eyelet on the back of the hand and stockinette on the palm.

Thanks! My next question is, the eyelet pattern that is “established” is worked over 3 rounds. So where it said “work last 2 rounds 5 more times” am I working the whole 3 round pattern 5 times?

Work the round without an increase and the increase round 5 times more and then the 2 rounds worked even. While you work these rounds which will make the thumb gusset, continue the eyelet pattern.

Okay so I do row one of the eyelet pattern, then an increase row, then round 3 of the eyelet pattern 5 times? i feel like an idiot. I just am not getting it!

We all get blocks on one thing or another. The important thing is that you get there in the end.
The even round (Round 1 or R1) and increase round (R2) are going to be out of sync with the eyelet pattern when you do the 5 repeats.
R1 (even round)-- eyelet 1
R2 (inc round)---- eyelet 2
R1— eyelet 3
R2— eyelet 1
R1— eyelet 2
R2— eyelet 3
R1—eyelet 1 and so on for a total of 10 rounds.
Keep track of the increase rounds and the eyelet rounds separately on paper or with 2 row counters or however you prefer.

THANK YOU!!! So much! I appreciate your patience with me! I got it finished about 10 mins ago!! You’re awesome!

That’s terrific news! I’m delighted.