Help with pattern chart

Hi, I am knitting a top-down sweater and I am not sure what this means in the stitch key and chart. no stitch skip this square?
Here is the link to the pattern it is the stitch key and chart on page 3:
I tried to copy and paste the stitch key ans chart and it would not let me copy them.
Thank you for any help that you can give me.

Ah - lace. You’ll often see “no stitch” in charts for lace because they help keep the design lined up. If you have three stitches in one row, but the next one, you’ve turned them into one by p3tog, you’ll now have two blank squares in the chart where the decreased stitches used to be.

You also see them in increasing or decreasing charts (which might be what you have here since it’s the yoke) because you start or end with fewer stitches than you started with. The “no stitch” squares just let the designer keep the pattern lined up correctly as the stitch counts change per row/round. It allows the chart to better represent the design visually.

You just need to work each round as written, ignoring the “no stitch” squares because there’s nothing to work there. They’re in the key just to avoid confusion.

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Thank you lewister for your help I thought that was what the "no stitch meant, but I wanted to be sure. Now I can continue working on the top.