Help with pattern chart

Hi, can someone please help me!
I’m knitting a cardigan and starting the sleeves which have a bubble knit Strawberry Stitch Pattern SST.

RS rows 2-36 : 1K, 5 times SST rapport, 1K
WS rows 3-37: K knit stitches P purl stitches

I’m struggling to read the SST pattern chart which reads
Row 1: purl, purl, then 2 blank boxes, purl1,yo,p1,yo,p1 , p2, 2x blank boxes, knit one, 2 blank boxes
Row 2: 2 blank boxes, k1, 2 blank boxes, p9

I’m unsure what to do with the blank boxes?
I hope this makes sense :flushed:

Many thanks in advance

Welcome to KH!
The blank boxes are “no stitch” boxes. They are put there to hold a place for the increase or decrease sts and keep the chart square.
Row 1 would be [p2, (p1, yo, p1, yo, p1) in the same stitch, p2, k1] repeat, p2

An unasked for tip: I find that the easiest way to do a k5tog is to lay the yarn over the tip of the left needle and pass the next 5 stitches over it then slip the new stitch to the right needle making sure it’s properly oriented. There are other ways besides knitting through all 5 as for a k2tog but I find this one easy to execute and easier to tink.

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Thank you so much!
So easy now you’ve explained