Help with pattern & button holes

I’m knitting the border of a baby’s jumper (Sirdar 1373) – it’s essentially in K1, P1 rib, but I have got stuck at knitting the button holes. After knitting 2 rows of rib, the pattern says:

Next Row. Rib 2, cast off 1 st, (rib 11, cast off 1 st) 2 times, rib to end.

Next Row. Rib to last 26 sts, cast on 1 st, (rib 12, cast on 1 st) 2 times, rib 2

Work 3 more rows in rib

At the end of the third row, I think that gives 2 rib, a hole, 11 rib, a hole, 11 rib, a hole and then rib to the end. (There should be three button holes). So far so good.

But to my mind, when knitting the fourth row, the holes don’t line up. I think it should say rib to last 24 sts, cast on 1 st, (rib 11, cast on 1 st) 2 times, rib 2.

Can anyone help me understand please?

Welcome to the forum!
It takes two sts to cast off one stitch. When the pattern says to rib 11 after the cast off, don’t count the one stitch left over from the cast off as one of the 11sts.
That means that there are 12sts between the buttonholes. so the pattern has (12sts x 2) plus the 2 sts at the end for 26sts.


Thank you - that explains it perfectly.